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Online Reiki Treatment by Donation

A donation is required for the online reiki treatment due to the bandwidth used for the half hour audio file covering the treatment. It is sliding scale - $10 to $20 is suggested - minimum donation $2.

This audio is paced so you can perform reiki sent by me on yourself or another person who needs it.

We will hold each position for 2 minutes while listening to some calming music.

What you get for your donation: a mini-attunement for the reiki session, and a half hour treatment for yourself or someone you wish to give reiki to, if you have never performed a reiki treatment before you learn about the chakras and the hand positions, a PDF transcription of the audio recording, and my thanks and blessings for your donation - it helps keep this site alive!

If you are performing reiki on yourself get comfortable in a seated position or lay down, shoes off.  You can hold each position with your hands touching your body.

If you are performing reiki on another person get them to lay or sit as they choose.  If they are lying down get a chair if you need to sit as you will be holding each position for 2 minutes and it can get tiring. Ask them if they wish to have hands on or hands off reiki and respect their wishes.  For hands off reiki hold your hands in the stated positions but 5 inches from the recipient’s body.

You many record the audio for your own use or pause or replay it as you need.  But you may not distribute the link to the treatment page, pdf or the audio recording or any copy you make.  You may post links to my home page however - www.FreeReikiAttunement.com

The donation is sliding scale depending on what you can afford and what you value the reiki treatment - suggested donation $10 to $20. Once your secure payment is complete you will be taken to the online reiki treatment page.

Donation Amount

Be at peace and be one with the light.

--Ian Sadler.