Level 1 Attunement

Beginner’s Level

Relax, take your shoes off and get comfortable in a seated or lay down position.
Look at the image below, then press the play button.

Level 1 Attunement - sandy beach and palmy tree.

For those using iPod Touch, iPhones, or iPads this website is now compatible.

Once you have finished return to the home page and either purchase a reiki manual or go to the free manual yahoo group.

Level 1 – Beginners Level includes the history of Usui Reiki, distance healing, scanning and the hand positions. Read up and learn these and their techniques to complete this level.

A reiki manual courtesy of Low Cost Reiki has been secured. I am asking for a donation of $5 – you will be able to download the manual once you make the donation:


Once you have completed the attunement and the required reading you may print off a completion certificate.

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Specify your name as you wish it to appear:

Be at peace and be one with the light.