Welcome. My name is Ian Sadler. I am a Usui Reiki Master.

Here I am sending you reiki energy. Relax and enjoy!

Ian Sadler - Sending you reiki.  Relax and enjoy! reiki in japanese

I have been practicing reiki for a few years now. Originally I studied energy work starting when I was in high school and have been practicing energy healing for over 20 years. Reiki was a natural addition to this experience and I would like to pass it on to you.

Reiki (pronounced "ray-key" - though i have a habit of saying "ry-key") is universal intelligent healing energy.

I believe reiki should be available to anyone. But I'm trusting you on your honour to do the research and read a reiki manual before doing each of the attunements.

The attunements are simple and totally effective, but before you go into practice you must have the knowledge. It's easy and totally worth the effort.

You can even print out a certificate for each level of Usui Reiki you attain once you have completed the reading requirement and the attunement.

You can also have an online reiki treatment session: Online Reiki Treatment by Donation.

Blessings and best wishes to you, student of reiki. Be at peace and be one with the light.

--Ian Sadler.


This site is meant for the reiki student who has learned about reiki and is seeking free attunements in Usui Reiki. If you wish to learn about reiki please feel free to use our affilate links below (they help fund this site) to purchase reiki books, then come back here when you are ready for the attunements.

For reiki books please choose from your favorite source below:

Amazon.com Amazon.ca Amazon.co.uk


If you already have a reiki manual and an idea what reiki is please proceed.

Reiki Manual

A reiki manual courtesy of LowCostReiki.com has been secured - it covers levels 1 through 3 Masters. I am asking for a sliding scale donation for this manual starting at the suggested donation of $10 to as low as $2 - what ever you can afford - you will be able to download the manual once you make the donation:


For those interested my lineage is: Mikao Usui / Dr Chujiro Hyashi / Mrs Hawayo Takata / Phyllis Lei Furumoto / Claudia Hoffman / Mary Shaw / Christine Henderson / Bruce Way / Neal Lyster / John Pickering / Martin Lee / Craig Farquharson / Ian Sadler.

Now to the attunements.

It's recommended that you wait at least a day between attunements, but I leave this up to you. Do each when you are ready.

If you are new to reiki it is important that you do each of the attunements starting with Level 1 - Beginners Level and go through each of the attunements and follow the suggested reading material for each level.

Reiki Manual

Here are the links to the attunement pages:

Level 1 Attunement  Level 1 Attunement - Beginners Level
Level 1 Attunement  Level 2 Attunement - Practicitioners Level
Level 1 Attunement  Level 3 Attunement - Masters Level
Level 1 Attunement  Professional Reiki Certificate
Level 1 Attunement  On Demand Reiju and Reiki Share

Attune in other styles of reiki! Download manuals and read before committing to an attunement.
ReikiManual.com - Stewart's Place

Online Reiki Treatment Receive an online reiki treatment for yourself or
someone you know:
Online Reiki Treatment by Donation



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There you go, enjoy, and be one with the light!

--Ian Sadler.


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